In injury to peroneal nerve, loss of sensation over dorsum with sparing of 1st inter-digital cleft localizes injury to the superficial branch. Venous access. Subcutaneous layer is scanty on the dorsum of the foot. This allows easy visualization and access of veins. Dorsalis Pedis
The sciatic nerve starts in the buttocks and runs down the back of the hip and thigh into the lower leg. Close to the hip joint the peroneal nerve branches off. After wrapping itself around the knee it attaches to the muscles responsible for lifting the foot and toes. Foot drop is also known as drop foot or peroneal nerve palsy.

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The common peroneal nerve is vulnerable to injury from direct trauma at the knee or from traction associated with knee dislocation. The presentation is with footdrop due to loss of the function in tibialis anterior and toe extensors supplied through the deep peroneal nerve.
Peroneal tendon injuries may worsen without proper treatment and are sometimes misdiagnosed, so prompt evaluation by a foot and ankle surgeon is advised. During the examination of your foot, the orthopaedic surgeon will check for pain, instability, swelling, warmth, and weakness on the outer side of the ankle.

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The peroneal nerve is a human nerve that controls most of the sensation for the lower leg, including the toes and feet. Many animals have it, too. It is a branch of the sciatic nerve and it interacts in a number of important ways with many of the major muscle groups of the leg, including the peroneus...
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Jan 15, 2018 · Other causes of plantar heel pain include calcaneal stress fractures (progressively worsening pain after an increase in activity or change to a harder walking surface), nerve entrapment or neuroma...
The peroneal tunnel provides a means for the nerve to exit the compartment to exist below or within the subq fat. The nerve can be tethered as it passes through this tunnel, especially with plantarflexion - inversion maneuvers, such as what occurs with an inversion sprain.

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Ankle Pain Running – 4. Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Also known as the carpal tunnel syndrome of the ankle, this condition occurs when the ligaments and the other tissues in the foot compress, placing undue pressure on the posterior tibial nerve.

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